Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

School, Fairtrade, Sports, Rights Respecting and Eco Councils

At Heathwood we are very proud of our active, accessible School, Fairtrade, Sports, Rights Respecting and Eco Councils. Mrs Dove assists with the School Council, Mrs Wright with the Fairtrade and Rights Respecting, Mr Dicker with the Sports Council and Mrs Wilkins with the Eco Council.

All our Councils are elected by the children in their classes. After listening to a short speech prepared by potential councillors, the children vote for the candidate of their choice.

The Councils pride themselves on being the voice of their peers, bringing issues raised to monthly meetings. They run coffee mornings for parents and the local community, and raise money for school resources and charities of their choice. A weekly Fairtrade tuck shop uses its profits to invest in a Shared Interest Bank that offers low-interest loans to farmers in developing countries and to support the education of two children in Sierra Leone and Mozambique. We hear from these two children with updates and at Christmas with Christmas cards.

Together we have met annually with other local schools as part of the Student Voice Conference.

In the past we have visited local schools to deliver assemblies focused on Fairtrade, as we are the only school in Bedfordshire to hold the Fairtrade Gold Award.

We are empowered by the close relationships we form with our community groups such as Friends of the Earth, Fairtrade, Bee Preservation and local businesses.

In 2016 we were awarded The Speaker's School Council award for our work 'Fairtrade in the Community and Abroad'. The Right Honorable John Becow, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons said 'School Councils give young people their first taste of democracy in action'. At Heathwood, we believe it is important for every child to have a voice and be heard.



Houses of Parliament Visit 2019

We had our annual KS2 trip to the Houses of Parliament on 25th September and didn’t we choose a busy day!! We had a really interesting tour of the Houses of Parliament followed by a workshop on Campaigns and Voting.

Back at school the following day, Classes 3 and 4 worked together in their Council groups to write and present their slogans and manifestoes to the whole school. The Ballot Box vote identified Rights Respecting Council and Eco Council as having the most successful campaign.

 I know all the Councils will work hard and do a great job with their plans for the forthcoming year…

 School Council: Working Together To Make A Better Community

We promise to make the Heathwood environment even better than it already is.

Fairtrade Council: If Fairtrade Works For You, It Works For Me.

We promise to make people healthy and fit by organising weekly tuck shop and Fairtrade Fortnight. We will continue to support children in other countries.

Rights Respecting Council: Let’s Make Every Day A Brighter Day!

We promise to focus on the following conventions: Everybody has the right to feel safe. Everybody has a right to play. Everybody has a right to education.

Sports Council: Be More Sporty, Never Give Up!

We promise to help purchase new equipment, look after our equipment and to organise lunchtime clubs.

Eco Council: ECO Saves The Day.

We promise to have no single use plastic at Heathwood, to keep our school litter free, and to save energy.