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Well, I cannot believe we are at the end of the school year and that this is the last Challenge this year.  Thank you to everyone who has regularly completed my challenges.  I’ve seen some great ideas as the year has passed.  So, for the last time this year, here are your two challenges for July.


As you know, the Olympics start later this month.  There are going to be 32 sports involved.  28 sports that are returning and 4 brand new sports.  Your first challenge is to research all of the sports.  Can you create a list of all of the different sports that will be played?  Each of the different sports also have a logo, like this one for badminton.  Can you find these and recreate them alongside your list? 


Secondly, you may be going on holiday during the Summer holidays.  When you go away, you can buy postcards to send back to your friends and family.  If you go away, one challenge you could complete is to send the school a postcard from your holiday.  I would love to receive a postcard from you, so have a look to see if you can find one and send it to me telling me what you have been up to.


But, the second challenge is to design a Heathwood postcard.  What would you include on the front of your postcard for Heathwood?  What would the design be like?  What colour would you design it around?  Have a think and then design and create a postcard that could represent Heathwood.  Again, I would love to see them!


Remember, please send in any of your challenge work for me to see. Or, ask your grown ups 

at home to email me via the office email. 


Paul Dicker

Be Creative!