Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Monthly Challenge

We had some amazing robots designed and created as part of January’s challenge.  I think this challenge inspired lots of you to get creative and we had some amazing models that were brought into school and have been on display in the school hall.  I was particularly impressed with the vast array of different materials you used from old cardboard boxes to Lego. They also varied in size too, from quite small to huge!  We had lots of robots too that would help you clean your house, which I thought was pretty useful!  One could even make and serve your food - a very good idea!


  • Design Challenge:  I was wondering if we have any budding song writers out there.  I thought it would be a good idea to see if any of you could write some new words to a song you already know.  For example, could you write some new words that would go with the tune to Twinkle Twinkle?  Or, perhaps one of our assembly songs?  Try to think of a well known tune, or something you know really well and see if you can put some new words to the tune.
  • Creative Challenge: In February, I would like you to get creative again.  I would like you to imagine that we have found a new planet in the solar system.  Could you draw a picture or even make a model of the new planet?  What would you call the planet?  What would it be like there?  Would it have any special features?  Would life be able to survive and if so, what could live there?  Would it have plants and what would they be like?  Does it have to be spherical or could it be a different shape?  Be imaginative and think about what would be special or different about your planet. 


Have fun and be creative

Paul Dicker