Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Monthly Challenge


So here we are again with another new set of challenges.  These will be introduced during Wednesday’s assembly, but please feel free to talk to the children and encourage them to take part in them … they might enjoy trying to do them over the Easter break.   So far we have had two children who have completed two challenges each (Edward Year 2 and Persephone Year 3) so very well done to them.  Go on challenge yourself and try to be a three star challenger!


This month’s challenges are here:


  • Dylan’s Research challenge: Why do we all have different voices?
  • Maths challenge for Easter: I have some Easter egg pictures, each has a shell, ribbon and spots.  The challenge is to choose three colours and only use those three colours to see if you can make each of the eggs look different.   
  • Creative challenge: Decorate your own egg; it can be decorated to be something such as a unicorn or an emoji or simply decorated like an Easter egg or Faberge egg. 


Have a super time challenging yourself and enjoy the Easter break!   

Mrs Elaine Dicocco


Don’t forget, we would be very excited if your child(ren) could set some of the challenges.  All entries are put in the Challenge Box in the Hall. Every child who enters into the challenge will be awarded a Bright Ideas certificate and a small prize by Mrs Dicocco during our celebration assemblies.