Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Monthly Challenge

Well done to Tom in Year 1, who made a fabulous Snow Globe in December’s challenge. It is on my desk Tom and looks fantastic.

This month’s challenges will stretch over the Summer holidays so I am sure more of you will be able to take part and have fun.  


  • Design Challenge: In January, we often greet each other with the words ‘Happy New Year’, as we start and celebrate a New Year. I was wondering if this is the same in other countries or different cultures? Do other countries or cultures celebrate New Year in the same way as us? What words do other countries use to wish each other a ‘Happy New Year’? Could you try to find out and share your findings with me please. You could make a poster, a Powerpoint or create a piece of writing to share what you have found out. Happy researching
  • Creative Challenge: Also, I was wondering if you could get designing and creating. Inventors over the past few years have been busy designing robots that are supposed to make human beings’ lives easier. I was wondering if you could design your own ‘helpful’ robot. What would your robot look like? What would it be made from? What special and helpful jobs would your robot do to make your life easier? Why would your robot be special? Have a go at designing your own helpful robot and share your designs with me. I’d love to see them


Start getting creative - Paul Dicker