Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Monthly Challenge

I would like to give a general Very Well Done to all children, both past and present, who have taken part in the challenges I have been presenting in school for many years.  My goodness, there have been times when you have really amazed and impressed me.  It has been a challenge to me to keep coming up with new ideas for the challenges and has really been an interesting journey.  I do hope you have enjoyed the journey with me and that you will continue to rise to the challenges; you are all Heathwood Super Stars!

So, June has come to an end and I would like to congratulate William B and Emerson (Yr 1) and Maia (P-S) for their super photographs of letters they found out and about in nature. You will receive your certificates and small rewards as soon as I get round to your classes.

This month’s challenges will stretch over the Summer holidays so I am sure more of you will be able to take part and have fun.  


  • Design Challenge:  Egg Drop - Using any items you can find around your home, try

to design something that will protect an egg during a drop.  Take a look at the poster

in the hall for some ideas that could be used.

  • Creative Challenge:  My Favourite Animal - Draw, colour, shade or paint your favourite animal.  You can use your own choice of media to capture your favourite animal.  Please draw it carefully and then colour, paint or shade it in.    


Parents: If you would like more ideas and helpful examples, we have added the challenge Board posters here.

Have a super time challenging yourselves and enjoy the summer break!

Mrs Elaine Dicocco