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Welcome to Class R's Web Page



Hello everyone and welcome to our Class R Website page.  On here you should find all the key information you may need, but please do get in touch with us (by email/telephone, or drop a note in the diary) if there is anything else we can help you with. 


Class Teachers -  Mr Dicker on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

                            Miss Romaine on Thursdays and Fridays

Support Staff -  Mrs Davis, Mrs Smith, Mrs Rockell and Mrs Nicolle-Cutler

We will also have some support during the week from our Language Provision Support team; Mrs Bisby and/or Miss Murphy

Class R Curriculum Overview

Our topics this year will be;

Autumn 1 -  Who Am I?

Autumn 2 - Sparkle and Shine

Spring 1 - 3-2-1 Blast Off!

Spring 2 - The Jolly Postman

Summer 1 - Down on the Farm

Summer 2 -  Out of the Egg


PE Days

Our PE days this term are Mondays and Fridays.

For outdoor PE you will need to make sure you have your outdoor PE kit in school; trainers, black jogging bottoms, your purple Heathwood top and a black jumper/sweatshirt.  We also recommend you bring a pair of socks so if we get wet and muddy then you don’t have to spend the rest of the day with soggy feet!

For indoor PE you will need a pair of black shorts and your purple Heathwood top.

Usually we ask for PE kits to be kept in school at all times, however, due to the current situation we will be sending their kits home on a Friday for washing over the weekend and we will need them returned on the Monday. 

NOTE:  PE will not start straight away for the children; we will be being active in our outdoor area and initially the focus will be on using the field, getting used to the spaces, assessing risk and larger movements so their outdoor PE kit will be really useful. 

Reading at home

Please read with your child at least three times at home each week, we cannot stress the importance of this and the difference it truly makes.  We want your children to love reading, this doesn’t mean getting stressed about fitting in reading their school book into your busy daily schedule, it means making reading a special time between you, where you cuddle up and read a story of your child’s choice, or a page of a magazine they have been excited to read, it’s reading the signs as you wait in the waiting room or reading the sign posts you see on the way home.  We will send home reading books that are at your child’s level once we have completed their baseline, but focus on a love of reading and the rest will come!

When you read with your child please record it in their diary and they will be rewarded with house points, praise, stickers and stamps!  Bonus points available for those who read more than three times a week!

Due to COVID-19, reading books will only be allocated on Mondays and ALL books must be returned to School on Friday.


Once your child has settled and they have completed their baseline, they will begin to learn letter sounds and names through a program called ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics.  We use Jolly phonic actions to help support us with the teaching and learning and the children love coming home and being the teachers!  As we learn each set of sounds they will be sent home with a leaflet of sounds, names and actions for each sound in the set, please encourage them to teach you at home!  Don’t forget for them to have taught you successfully they need to teach you the sound, the letter name and the action!

Evidence Me

We recognise that you all really know your children best and we want to work with you to ensure that we support your child’s development and target their learning appropriately.  Evidence Me is a really important tool to help us all work in partnership and develop this.  It allows us to send you photos and comments on the learning your child has been doing in school (so when they say they have ‘not done anything all day’ you will know better!).  This will enable you to discuss your child’s learning with them at home and complete any next step challenges set.  You will all have received an invitation email from Evidence Me (2 Simple); if you haven’t found it please check your spam box and let one of the team know if it needs resending.  (We have taken the email address from your child’s registration document so please let us know if and when this changes).  The lovely part of using Evidence Me is that you can use the reply button to let us know your thoughts and also to share pictures and comments about what you notice your child is now doing when they are at home with you.  Your comments will help us to build a bigger picture of your child and really get to know what they have learnt and are sharing with you.  It is also useful to let us know about special events that happen at home. 

Weather appropriate clothing

Please ensure your child is sent to school with weather appropriate clothing all year round, e.g. wellies and gloves if it has snowed and a sun hat and sun cream if it is sunny!  In Reception Class we make the most of the outdoor environment and set up outside learning opportunities whatever the weather, so it is important that your child comes to school prepared with the right clothing.  We also ask that a coat is brought to school with your child everyday as we all know how the weather starts at 8.30am is not always the way it remains!

WOW leaves

We recognise the importance of working in partnership throughout your child’s learning journey. We know nobody knows them better than their special people at home.  We would love it if you could share with us all the progress you see at home.  We will send WOW leaves home with your child at the start of each term, these are for you to share WOW moments with us.  We know that often children will tell you everything they have learnt at bedtime and knock your socks off with how much they have learnt, it is those things we would love you to share with us alongside achievements they have completed outside of school, e.g. an extra-curricular club achievement. 

When you child brings in a WOW leaf they will share it with the rest of their class and be rewarded with house points and stickers!

Links for learning at home:

Your child will have a log in for both Education City and Purple Mash.  These will be placed in their School Diaries; please log in and have a go at some of the activities!  If your child particularly enjoys an activity please let us know and we will encourage their friends to try it too!

As always, if there is anything you wish to discuss, please feel free to note a message in your child’s diary and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Class R Team