Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Children's comments



I like the teachers and enrichment and the whole school.

I like it when we learn.



                                                  I love Heathwood because I love everything there is like enrichment.



 I like PE and I like the teachers because they help me and I like maths.



                                                    I love Heathwood because I have a lot of friends that care for me                                                      so much and I appreciate it.



What I like about Heathwood are the children's challenges.



                               I love that people care about me.



Playing, writing, having fun!


                                                 I like the teachers and Mrs Dove. The school is important                                                           because the school is the best.



I love Heathwood, the food is yummy to eat.



                              I love Heathwood because everyone is kind and caring and lovely.